MSX fair Nijmegen 2024

Fair date: Saturday, March 23rd

Hi! Welcome to the homepage of the 19th MSX fair in Nijmegen! The MSX fair in Nijmegen is the newest (and for a long time now already the only) regular Dutch MSX fair, meant to be the successor of the MSX fair in Oss, which was held in January (in 2005 for the last time). This fair is organised by myself, with support from Raymond van der Meulen. I hope it is a worthy replacement for Oss.

2024's fair will be held on Saturday the 23rd of March in "Dorpshuis De Lèghe Polder" in Beuningen (a village close to Nijmegen). It opens for visitors at 10am (but you are welcome to come from 9.00am to help setting up the room!). At 6.00pm the room should be completely empty again.

After fair dinner

After the fair, we are planning to have dinner with the remaining visitors in the building that also hosts the fair. The caterer needs to know for how many people to cook, so please let me know if you want to join on beforehand. Please do not use the registration form for this, but just send me an e-mail. The form is only meant for people who want to register a booth. Because I have to order at the caterer, reservations are only confirmed by paying in advance.

Support and Sponsoring

If you'd like to support the fair, there are two important ways to do that: the first is to promote the fair, to attract as many visitors as possible. The second is organizing activities during the fair. Please discuss with me on beforehand, but stuff like this makes the fair really interesting. Great examples of activities are the (in)famous MSX Quiz, the Triplex setup we had in the past, small (gaming) contests and stuff like that. Looking forward to your plans!

You can also sponsor the fair financially. This means that you can contribute to pay the price of the venue. There is no other way the money will be spent and there is no other advantage on sponsoring. But it may keep organizing the fair possible for reasonable table prices.

If you want to sponsor or support the fair, please contact me.

For all previous and current sponsors and supporters: thank you very much, also on behalf of the people who registered booths and all visitors!


Additional information:

If you want to get an impression of the venue and the atmosphere there, take a look at some photos of a previous event.


2024-03-23 - Last updates

Registration has been closed.

Hope to see you on Saturday!

2024-01-20 - Online registration form

This is not available anymore, because the registration is closed.

2023-09-09 - Announcement

Announcement of the 2024 fair. Website updated.

Registration forms will be made available approximately two months before the fair.

A new fair will take place 2024!

I hope to welcome you all again at De Lèghe Polder in Beuningen 23 March 2024!

Participants list

openMSX Team #
Demonstration of the current development version of openMSX with new user interface with integrated debugger and many other features. Of course questions will be answered and comments and suggestions are most welcome.
GOTO40 #
Selling CD's by Yuji TECHNOuchi (former Konami) and Tadahiro Nitta (former Microcabin). Also selling various MSX items.
SymbOS #
SymbOS is a multitasking operating system designed for 8-bit computers like Amstrad CPC and MSX. It provides a graphical user interface and supports multiple applications simultaneously, offering a modern computing experience on retro hardware. Visit our stand to see SymbOS in action and have your questions answered!
DIY MSX hardware and software.
Conexion MSX
Last chance to get Westen House Ex in its glorious current format!
Also, interviews to the members of the MSX scene present there.
Working on bringing more goodies and WiP demos. Stay tuned for the latest developments at!
Interviews of MSX users for the Conexion MSX podcast.
Presentation of Fony and
UP-Soft #
Sale of second hand MSX hardware and software.
Demonstration of MSX hardware and peripherals, including MSX Pico.
Explanation about msxmuseum and
MSX Club West-Friesland #
Promotion of MSX by buying and selling books, magazines, software and hardware. / Live Stream #
Live stream of MSX Fair Nijmegen on Twitch.
Meteor-M #
Presentation of recent activities in the MSX HW development including Procyon, Proxima and AccelZ.
Let's meet/chat/discuss!
Demonstration of finished and new projects: Dot Attack, Sales Discontinued, PSG samples in a game, video player.
Repair-Bas #
Buy and sale of MSX software and hardware, repairs, expansions, cables, parts.
Gotek Retro #
Sale of MSX related stuff like video cables, Goteks for MSX, some cartridges and other small things.
SuperSoniqs #
Presentation of MSX hardware products.
RBSC (Russian Bear Service Crew) #
Presentation of RBSC's new and upcoming projects.
Various circuit boards and ready-to use devices for sale or trade.
Information exchange, wishlist and bug report collection for our existing and new products.
Marcel Schipper
Demonstration of Sony HB-T600 incl. specific keypad and software.
Sale of MSX hardware, books, magazines etc.
Showing off the Flashjacks cartridge and maybe some other stuff.
Selling second hand hardware.
HomeComputerMuseum #
Demonstration of museum items.
Jacco Bikker - Eggy's Maze
Sale of Eggy's Maze on disk, explanation on how to program MSX games and sale of MSX hardware.
Demonstration of Trilotracker.
Playing games on a Philips NMS 8250 and Discord meeting point.
MSX Translations #
Preview of Illusion City translation and other stuff.
Abyss #
Release of new update of Tiny Magic, and updating cartridges of buyers of the original version.
Team NXT
Promotion of our project Usas 2 and sale of Japanese hard and software.

This list is final.

Registration form

This is not available anymore, because the fair is over for this year.


Nijmegen/Beuningen is located in the middle-east (!) of the Netherlands, not too far from Oss, where a similar fair was held before 2006. It can be reached easily as well by car as by train. If you come by train, you should count on a bus trip through Nijmegen and Beuningen of about 20 minutes. The actual venue is in Beuningen, a village very close to Nijmegen.

The address:

Dorpshuis "De Lèghe Polder"
Schoolstraat 16
6641 DC Beuningen
The Netherlands

Dorpshuis De Lèghe Polder

If you're coming by car, you'll need to drive to the center of Beuningen. Use something like Google Maps to navigate you to the right location. There is only limited parking near the building. Be careful that the building itself is just inside a blue zone, where parking is limited to only 2 hours (with parking disc). You are advised to park outside this zone, e.g. in the Schoolstraat or on the parking lot in the Beatrixplein.

Use the following maps to get directions interactively from your location with the transportation method you use.

De Lèghe Polder on Google Street View.

Fair guidelines

BOOTH SETUP AND TEARING DOWN On the day of the fair, you can start putting up your booth between 9.00 and 10am. Because of the expected "rush" and limited parking facilities I advise you to come as early as possible. We will make sure there is room near the door to do unloading. If you need help getting all your stuff in the room, feel free to ask the organisation for help. You have to have your booth torn down at 6.00pm at the latest as the room has to be utterly clean at that time.

NO SMOKING You are not allowed to smoke in the building! The ones of you who can't get through the day without their nicotine shot (;p) can have a smoke outside the building at the designated location.

SOUND As used to be in Bussum, also I would like to have a cosy fair where the old atmosphere of different booths competing for the best sound installation will return a little :). However, in case you intend to bring audio equipment with you, please let us know in advance for the planning, and keep it civilised. If the organisation asks you to lower your volume, be so kind to comply. Place speakers as much as possible behind the booth.

FOOD AND DRINKS In our venue it is prohibited to bring your own food and drinks. This is quite fair, as the price for the venue is low, so this is how they make some money. Please stick to this rule to prevent problems with the patron. As the fair is in a gym, please refrain from drinking and eating there; do that at or near the bar instead.

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